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Appealing or modifying your divorce judgment

You had to get through your divorce, but now, just a few days after the final judgment, you've decided you don't agree with the judge's opinion or on how he ruled. After a divorce judgment is issued, both parties do have a chance to appeal. Certain decisions made by the court may not agree with you, and that's fine. You can appeal the decision and support your reasoning for why you want to see a different outcome.

Adoption: Growing your family

There are plenty of myths about adoptions that should be debunked. Children who are waiting for adoptive parents already struggle to find homes, but the bias these myths create makes it harder to find families.

How to avoid visitation conflicts on special occasions

It's a well-known fact that many families experience high levels of stress when special events or holidays take place. If you're one of many Tennessee parents who are currently preparing for divorce, you'll want to do whatever you can ahead of time to avoid potential conflict and stress down the line when it comes to your special occasion custody and visitation plan. Navigating the divorce process is seldom easy, and there's no way to predict the future.

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