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Straight Talk Legal Advice. Learn Your Options.
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Experienced Adoption Lawyers In Knoxville

Whether through birth, adoption or marriage, the addition of children into a stable and caring family environment is something to celebrate. At Parker and LaDuke, our lawyers gladly provide adoption expertise for stepparent and relative adoptions.

Whether you are a stepparent or an aunt, uncle, grandparent or other relative wanting to adopt, contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer a low $100.00 consultation fee (applied towards bill if our firm is hired) for family law matters. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Payment plans are available in most cases.

Understanding The Adoption Process

Stepparent adoption is a simple process for you —the stepparent — and your spouse— the birth parent — and it can be very meaningful to your child. Usually, no home study is required. Relative adoptions may require additional steps, and each family situation is assessed individually. Our attorneys can answer your questions about the process and help you understand how you will be involved.

A stepparent adoption will require that the non-custodial parent relinquish his or her legal rights to the child, by consent or by termination. Many non-custodial parents who have little or no involvement in the life of their child are willing to do so. Some wish to free themselves of child support payments; others believe the adoption is in the best interest of their child. Some non-involved parents even sign as co-petitioner to show their support to the adoption. Others have simply vanished. We can represent you in all of these situations.

The Parent-Child Relationship

When a child is adopted by a stepparent or relative, you and the child gain all the legal benefits of a parent-child relationship. Our attorneys provide adoption services that bring families together so you can enjoy the following:

  • The child’s right to inherit just as the parent’s other children
  • The child’s right to Social Security benefits should the stepparent or relative die
  • The child may take the same last name as the parents
  • You are able to make medical, educational, legal and child-rearing decisions for the child

Importantly, the child gains a permanent sense of security, belonging and love that lasts beyond age 18.

Contact Our Knox County Lawyers For Help With Stepparent Adoption

As attorneys, there is no area in our practice that is more rewarding than the conclusion of an adoption. It is common for adopting parents and children to make an event of the adoption day, taking pictures of the new family and posing with the judge and attorney.

Contact an attorney to arrange your consultation to discuss a stepparent or relative adoption.