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What is a parent allowed to use child support for?

Parents who receive child support don't have any particular requirements to meet when it comes to spending child support. However, there is the overall guideline that parents should be using child support for the benefit of the child in some way.

Not using child support appropriately isn't fair to the parent who pays it or to the child it's meant for. Here's a little more on what you should know.

Will virtual visitation be part of your child custody agreement?

Deciding to divorce in a Tennessee court is obviously a serious issue. If you have children, their best interests are undoubtedly your main priority. You and your spouse hopefully still get along well enough that you can expect to achieve an amicable co-parenting agreement. However, it's not uncommon to encounter challenges along the way, as many parents who have navigated the process before you can likely attest.  

Child custody issues can arise at any time pre-divorce or after the court has finalized your settlement. The more clearly you understand state laws ahead of time and how quickly you are able to access support when needed are key factors toward successful conflict resolution. An issue that has become increasingly important in many Tennessee custody cases is virtual visitation. 

Adopting in Tennessee: Adoption regulations

If adopting in Tennessee is your goal, then you should know the requirements and how they affect your situation. Tennessee requires that adoptive and foster parents are at least 21 years of age. If you meet that requirement, then you can start your application.

Once you decide you're ready to adopt, keep in mind that parents may not give up their children for adoption for at least three days following their births. It is not possible to obtain any child immediately following birth, even if a parent wishes to have that happen.

Co-parenting: You might find this a natural option

A divorce doesn't mean that the adults are going to stop parenting the children they have together. Instead, they are going to need to continue working as a team to parent the children after the divorce. The courts will help create a child custody arrangement that focuses on what your children need.

Today, there is a lot of emphasis on what style of parenting is used in these cases. The most important thing to remember is that you need to find something that works for your situation.

Coping with visitation: 2 tips

There is not secret that many parents don't want to create a parenting plan with visitation because they don't want to give up any time with their children. The stark reality is that there is not a choice. If two people are involved in a divorce and both have parental responsibilities, they'll likely both have visitation rights as well.

If you're struggling to cope with visitation, you shouldn't feel unusual. The reality is that many people feel the same way. Parents go through a period of adjustment, just as children do in this situation. Here's what you should remember.

A quiet-title action helps you sell a home without your spouse

If you own a home with your spouse but he or she "disappears" following problems in a relationship, you may find it's difficult to sell your home. The problem is that you'll need his or her permission if you co-own the property, which is nearly impossible to get if you don't know where he or she is.

One good thing is that you can resolve this through the courts. Using a quiet-title action, you can get past the block and move forward to sell the property. A quiet-title action is fairly common, especially in situations where co-purchasers go missing.

Strong custody plans are better for the future of your children

When Tennessee parents divorce, one of their main concerns is the well-being and continued security of their children. In some cases, it may be possible to secure a reasonable, fair and workable child custody order without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom. If you want to keep your custody plan out of court, you need to know how to draft a strong parenting plan.

As you draft a parenting plan, you would be wise to think about how your choices will impact your children in the future and not allow temporary emotions to drive your decision-making. With careful consideration and a thoughtful approach, you can craft a plan that will benefit your family for years to come. 

Custody in Tennessee: A child's best interests

Child custody is an important topic among parents who are splitting up or divorcing. Whether you're married or not, your child's care depends on the plan you create. It is always vital that you do what is in the best interests of your child at all times.

The majority of the states have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), so any decisions you make or have approved by the court in your case will be recognized in other states. This is good, because it prevents parents from fleeing to alternate states to obtain a preferable outcome to a custody case.

What should you know about adoption in Tennessee?

Growing your family may be a goal you've had for many years, and now, you want to see it come to fruition. In Tennessee, you can adopt through an adoption agency or attorney.

There are a few basic things to know about adoption within the state. First, if you wish to adopt a newborn, you'll have to wait at least three days after the child's birth before the birth parent has a right to give up the child. On top of that, the consenting party has up to 10 days to take away consent if he or she changes his or her mind. In cases of duress or fraud, individuals may have up to 30 days to revoke consent.

Child support: A necessary support for children

Child support is an important part of a child's life as well as an important financial support for parents who are the primary caretakers of their children. Child support is there to boost the child's access to funds for schooling, medical care and other needs as well as for discretionary items. Its intention is to raise the income of a home to that which would be expected in a two-parent household.

Children deserve support from both parents, but it's often that child support is misunderstood and even fought against. Even though one parent pays support, the other also shoulders costs associated with raising a child. Once you consider the amount of money both parties put in, the goal is that they are equal or at least close to being so.

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