Helping With Post-Divorce Matters

Last updated on February 15, 2021

Most people think that once a divorce is finalized, the matter is settled forever. However, the circumstances of a person’s life are always subject to change, and when they do it may be necessary to address certain post-divorce issues. At the Knoxville law firm of Parker and LaDuke, our attorneys can help with divorce modifications and other matters that require attention following a divorce.

Whether you are seeking a change to the terms of your divorce or are contesting an action taken by your ex, we are here to help. Call 865-888-5707 to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.

Addressing Changes In A Person’s Life

Employment changes, a desire to move and significant changes in one’s financial situation can all raise serious issues when it comes to the terms of a divorce settlement. For example, child support payments may seem reasonable at the time of a divorce. However, a significant drop in income may make payments burdensome. A job opportunity in another state may require a change to the terms of a child custody and visitation agreement.

Whatever the reason may be behind seeking a change to a divorce decree, our lawyers can help protect your interests while working toward the outcome that you desire. We can provide you with skilled legal representation, even if your divorce was originally handled by a different attorney. In every case, we provide personalized assistance and understanding guidance through every step of the legal process.

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Whether you are contesting a modification or are seeking a modification to your divorce decree, we are here to provide you with dedicated legal representation. Call 865-888-5707 , or contact us online to schedule an appointment.