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Coping with visitation: 2 tips

There is not secret that many parents don't want to create a parenting plan with visitation because they don't want to give up any time with their children. The stark reality is that there is not a choice. If two people are involved in a divorce and both have parental responsibilities, they'll likely both have visitation rights as well.

A quiet-title action helps you sell a home without your spouse

If you own a home with your spouse but he or she "disappears" following problems in a relationship, you may find it's difficult to sell your home. The problem is that you'll need his or her permission if you co-own the property, which is nearly impossible to get if you don't know where he or she is.

Strong custody plans are better for the future of your children

When Tennessee parents divorce, one of their main concerns is the well-being and continued security of their children. In some cases, it may be possible to secure a reasonable, fair and workable child custody order without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom. If you want to keep your custody plan out of court, you need to know how to draft a strong parenting plan.

Child support: A necessary support for children

Child support is an important part of a child's life as well as an important financial support for parents who are the primary caretakers of their children. Child support is there to boost the child's access to funds for schooling, medical care and other needs as well as for discretionary items. Its intention is to raise the income of a home to that which would be expected in a two-parent household.

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