Help For Agreed Divorces

Many marriages end without acrimony or drama. Both spouses simply realize that the union is no longer sustainable. While pursuing an “agreed divorce” as friends rather than adversaries is a noble idea, it is essential to retain an experienced divorce lawyer to advise you on the best ways to protect your interests, while allowing you to craft a settlement upon which you have collaborated with your ex-spouse.

It can be difficult for couples to follow every nuance of Tennessee divorce law if they attempt to navigate the system by themselves. Also, disagreements can crop up along the way and make it difficult for them to hold to their original decision to remain friendly.

More Than Five Decades Of Experience To Help You

At Parker and LaDuke, we have more than five decades of collective experience helping clients with divorce and other family law matters. We also handle cases involving mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, so we are able to assist you in finding a path to agreement that does not involve litigation in the courtroom.

We Provide Help For Agreed Divorces

No matter how friendly you may feel toward your soon-to-be ex, there are a wide range of issues that must be hammered out during the creation of a divorce settlement. An attorney from our firm can help you consider the following items:

Our legal team will honor your commitment to keeping a civil tone with your ex-spouse, while advising you with frank, direct “straight talk” about how agreeing with or fighting a condition of the decree may impact you or your family in the future.

Keep Your Marriage Dissolution Friendly With A Lawyer At Your Side

Our law office can help you keep your cool during a divorce, and stay friendly with your ex, by providing you with clear explanations of family law and presenting you with options to divorce litigation.

Call our Knoxville location at 865-888-5707  to set up a consultation or email us through our online contact form. If you decide to work with us, your $100 consultation fee will be applied toward your total bill.

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