Adoption: Growing your family

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There are plenty of myths about adoptions that should be debunked. Children who are waiting for adoptive parents already struggle to find homes, but the bias these myths create makes it harder to find families.

Myths start because of a few situations that are not normally common. For example, a particularly disturbed child who causes serious harm to an adoptive parent could start rumors of the dangers of adoption. The reality is that while some children do have challenges to overcome, the majority do very well in their new families.

One common myth in the United States is that there are no babies to adopt. The fact is that around 18,000 newborn adoptions take place every year in the United States.

Another myth is that adoption takes years to complete. The reality is that adoptions can take up to two years in most cases, but many people take home their children within the year. There are various factors that affect the timeline, like where you’re adopting and the age of the child you want to adopt.

Another myth is that birth parents have a right to take their children back. That is simply not true. Once an adoption is finalized, the parent no longer has any parental rights to the child and cannot take him or her from your possession legally. You are the parent of the child as if you gave birth to the child yourself.

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