One thing that can be very important for parents who have split up is having a fair child support arrangement. Sometimes, after a child support order is initially set, circumstance changes occur that make a parent feel like the order is no longer fair.

For example, a parent paying child support may feel that circumstances have shifted in a way that makes it unrealistic for them to be able to keep making payments at the level set in the order. Or, a parent receiving child support may feel that changes have made it so that the amount of the support payments should be raised.

When this happens, is a parent simply stuck with the initial order? The answer could well be no. Child support modifications can be sought.

Here in Tennessee, both paying parents and receiving parents can ask for a review and potential modification of a child support order. However, certain requirements generally have to be met for a modification to be granted. Generally, a modification will only be granted it is found that there is a “significant variance”.

The main thing that is looked at in determining if there is such a variance is how big of a difference there is between the current amount of child support under the order and the child support calculation that is reached using the changed circumstances. Generally, the variance reaches the level of significant if the difference is at least 15 percent. It is worth noting that there are some situations that trigger a different set of standards.

So, a wide range of income and financial evidence can be impactful when pursuing a child support modification in Tennessee. Skilled child support attorneys can assist parents with evidence gathering and other aspects of preparing for requesting a child support modification.