There are times when you may want to take your ex back to court to change a settlement. Why would you want to? It may come down to mistakes or changes in circumstances, or it could be because of your ex hiding assets or information during the trial or settlement process.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to go back and change your divorce decree. For instance, if you currently pay spousal support, you may want to go back to alter the amount you pay if you lose your job or if your ex-spouse gets married or moves in with another partner. There are circumstances that could nullify your ex’s right to alimony, so you would want to take advantage of them when they occur.

Modifying custody orders is another good reason to go to court. For example, if your teen has started to complain about their other parent’s home because of difficulty getting to events on time or being late to school, you might want to modify the schedule in a way that allows for easier transportation. If you and your ex can agree on changes, you might not need to go back to court, but if not, then the judge may need to get involved.

During major life changes, you may also want to seek a change to your divorce decree if you receive child support. Perhaps you lost your job and need more support for your child or you were paying and major changes in your circumstances make the amount too much. In either case, you can go back and seek changes to the divorce decree. Your attorney can help you set up the hearing and move forward with the changes you need to make.