How social media affects the divorce rate

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A happy couple who decides to tie the knot does not imagine that sometime down the line they may become part of divorce statistics. However, there is sadly a rather large percentage of marriages that do not last until death does them part. Does social media play a large part in these breakups?

While the divorce rate has dropped slightly in the United States in recent years, Business Insider notes that in 2018, there were 782,038 annulments and divorces. Statistically speaking, approximately 39% of all marriages in this country are going to end in divorce at one point or another. While the reason a marriage ends varies from couple to couple, it is interesting to note that couples included the word “Facebook” in 30% of all divorce filings.

There are several explanations for this, all centering around the opportunities that social media can present. First of all, apps such as Facebook provide an easy way for two people to make a connection, despite their marital status. After years with zero communication, many former exes or old friends have easily reestablished contact after searching someone out or even merely noticing their online presence on friends’ pages. In fact, Time magazine has reported on the theory that Facebook is the foremost source of infidelity.

Some may attribute that theory to the fact that this particular platform often acts as a seed for adultery since it gives individuals the excuse to chat with any other human they want at any time. People may also use it to mask their true whereabouts because the “check-in” feature can display a geographic presence in one location while they are actually somewhere else. And social media platforms provide anonymity and the opportunity to chat in secret, without the chance that a friend or acquaintance will see them.