Start preparing now for a January divorce

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For many families in Tennessee, the holidays are a time for celebration and time together. However, for couples who are struggling, the holidays can be a challenging time. Many choose to stay together for the sake of the children and then start divorce proceedings in the New Year. If this is the case, it is still a good idea to begin preparations so when filing occurs, both sides are ready.

According to Business Insider, January is the beginning of divorce season. Some couples purposely wait until the holidays are over, while others begin to question their relationship after the high of celebrations dies down.

Divorce not only tears a family apart, but the process is stressful and expensive. That is why experts recommend that both partners ask some hard questions to know if divorce is really the answer. There are also some signs that divorce may be imminent. These include:

  • Failed expectations that lead to unhappiness
  • Communication ceases
  • Conflicts around money

It is always a good idea for couples who are struggling to seek counseling. If therapy does not help, divorce may be the only solution.

The Wall Street Journal outlines some tips each spouse can start following now to help reduce stress during the process of divorce. One is to make lists of income sources, debts and assets and gather documentation, such as tax returns, insurance coverage, credit cards and retirement accounts, supporting all of it.

This is also the time to begin creating individual financial stability. This includes applying for an individual credit card, saving money, creating a budget and freezing joint credit cards.

Discussions around living situations should begin sooner than later. While it is tempting to want to keep the home, it may not be a financially smart thing to do. Couples may also want to consider divorce mediation to keep costs down.