Ending a relationship is a hard process. When you end a marriage, it is even more difficult because you have all the legal aspects that can make the process drag on. You cannot just move out of your shared Tennessee home and be done with it like you can if you are not married. Divorce is something that takes time. You have to keep communicating with each other until you completely untangle your lives. This can be very hard emotionally. 

You may find yourself going through a lot of emotional ups and downs, which is very normal. MSN explains that people often try to talk about how you should move on and move past the ending of the relationship and focus on the future, but that does not always help when dealing with the many emotions you feel due to a divorce. 

In fact, ignoring your emotional ups and downs can be detrimental. It can prevent you from fully accepting the loss of your marriage. It can make you stuff feelings down, which only ends up with them exploding out at some point. Furthermore, not allowing yourself to recognize the happiness you felt in your marriage is discrediting the whole relationship. Just because it is over does not mean you have to forget it ever happened. 

It is perfectly fine to be sad your marriage ended. At the same time, it is also okay to be happy it is done. Whatever you are feeling is fine. Just let yourself feel it. Recognize the emotions, and then move on. This will allow you to make it through the emotional process of the divorce without getting drug down by it. This information is for education and is not legal advice.