Significant changes to your life in Tennessee, whether positive or negative, can occur quickly. At Parker and LaDuke, we know that a change in circumstances may affect your ability to pay child support. 

It is possible to seek modification of a child support order. However, you will need to demonstrate a good reason for the modification to the court. Also, even if the other parent agrees to the modification, you will both need to cooperate with the court. 

When one or the other parent requests a modification of child support, the court requires both parents to verify their income. According to the Tennessee Department of Human Services, the court will send each of you an Affidavit of Income and Expenses following a request for a child support modification. You are each responsible for filling this out accurately and returning it to the child support office for review of the current circumstances. 

Examples of a change of circumstances that may warrant child support modification include a change of income, whether an increase or a decrease; the death or emancipation of a qualifying child or a qualifying child becoming disabled. If your most recent credit worksheet did not include another child for whom you are legally responsible, that could also warrant a modification. 

The custodial status of the parent does not affect eligibility to request a modification. In other words, either you or the other parent could request a review at any time. However, if it has been less than two years since the last review, you must first provide information about your specific change of circumstances to your caseworker. More information about child support modification is available on our website.