A divorce is often a contentious situation. It may get better, but if it does not, you may find yourself compromising on things you did not want to compromise on. You may end up with details of your divorce decree that you are not happy with. Once the judge in Tennessee closes your case and issues the final orders, is there anything you can do to make changes to things you do not like in your decree?

The court will not be too happy if you try to modify a divorce decree right after it is finalized. However, there may be situations where you can ask for modifications that are perfectly legal and allowable. According to the Tennessee State Courts, the easiest modifications to make concern child support and the parenting plan.

The parenting plan should contain the steps required for modification and outline the process. This is a requirement as of January 1, 2000. Generally, these instructions apply for a typical situation where you want to make a change. If there is an emergency situation that is prompting the change, then you may file with the court to change the parenting plan.

After your divorce is final, you will work with the child support agency. This will make any requests for changes easier since you can through the agency to make such requests if there are changes to your finances or the finances of the other parent.

Other changes to your divorce decree may require a case by case investigation. You should always discuss your concerns with a legal representative to see what your options are. This information is for education and is not legal advice.