When can my child support be reduced?

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In Tennessee, there are many different circumstances that might allow a modification to reduce the child support amount. If you have reduced income in a new job due to a RIF or lay off from your old job, that wasnt the result of you quitting or being fired from your last job, you may be entitled to a child support reduction if you meet the fifteen percent (15%) variance rule. The fifteen percent  (15%) variance rule requires that in order for the court to modify, the new child support amounts (as figured under the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines) must be at least fifteen percent (15%) less then the current child support amounts.

Also if you have a new biological child that you are either supporting or lives in your household, that could be grounds if the new child support amount meets the fifteen percent (15%) variance requirement. Or, in a case where the parent is paying on multiple children, when one child ages out (turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever is last), a reduction is possible, again if the fifteen percent variance is achieved.