Making decisions during a divorce is rarely easy. Even if you and your ex are in agreement on most issues, chances are you’ll experience a great deal of stress as a result of the dissolution of your marriage. Coping with stress in a healthy and meaningful way is crucial, as illustrated by Live About.

Don’t focus on what you can’t control

It’s a natural impulse to try and control what’s happening around you. However, one of the most important lessons a divorce teaches is there are some things in your life that you simply have no control over. it’s best to let go of these matters and focus on areas of your life you do have power over. Agonizing over the actions of others or orders made by the court will only increase the amount of stress you’re experiencing. Relinquishing control is the best way to move on with your life.

Refrain from making life-altering decisions

Making decisions about important matters immediately after your divorce may come back to haunt you. For instance, undertaking a big move might seem like a mistake once the dust settles, so you want to make sure you’re clearheaded when deciding this and things like changing jobs. If you must make a decision immediately, seek input from others. It’s easier to give level-headed advice when you’re removed from the emotional aspects of a situation.

Don’t deny your emotions

After your divorce, you’ll probably feel sad, angry, guilty, or even betrayed. Don’t try to deny these emotions or shove them aside if you’re feeling uncomfortable. Instead, seek support from friends and family, or even seek the services of a professional counselor. This is especially important if your emotions are getting in the way of your life or are contributing to a depressive episode.