When you and your spouse agree that the marriage is not working, is there a way to fast-track the divorce process? 

Under current Tennessee law, a couple who agrees to divorce amicably may qualify for an agreed divorce. However, there exist some requirements that both spouses must fit in order for the process to continue in this fashion.

How is an agreed divorce beneficial?

Taking the hassle out of any process is something to strive for in this complicated world. The divorce process is especially difficult to navigate. If you qualify for an agreed divorce, you will save time and money. The entire proceeding may conclude in less than four months.

What makes a couple eligible for an agreed divorce?

Not every couple qualifies for the agreed divorce process. In order to proceed this way, a couple must be in agreement all all aspects of the divorce including: 

  • Co-parenting schedule
  • Division of property
  • Division of any owned businesses
  • Division of retirement accounts
  • Agree to the division of assets
  • Agree to alimony and child support
  • Agree on a parenting plan
  • Agree to sign all divorce papers

The above is a partial list of the pathway to an agreed divorce. You should check with your attorney or the Tennessee courts website for further information.

What if my spouse and I do not qualify for agreed divorce?

If your circumstances do not fit the requirements, then you cannot proceed via this route. The process may wind up taking longer, but your divorce can still reach a resolution with very little squabbling if you and your ex agree on certain things. Divorce mediation may help you compromise and agree on those things which you do not currently agree on.

Ending a marriage is not an easy decision. If you and your spouse want to resolve things without bickering and if you fit the eligibility requirements, an agreed divorce may wind up getting things wrapped up more efficiently and without malice.