Can you modify a child custody arrangement?

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When you and your spouse are divorced in Tennessee, you may sometimes realize that your custody arrangement is not working as well as you thought it would. In this situation, you can usually request a custody modification. 

There are many reasons you might decide to change your custody situation. According to Very Well Family, you may ask for a new arrangement if your ex-spouse does not comply with the terms. You might also be able to modify custody if the current situation is not working for the children. Most of the time, you need to work with a court to establish a new arrangement. A court usually examines the current custody situation and also considers how well you and your ex-spouse communicate with each other. Additionally, the court generally tries to understand why your ex-spouse is not following the schedule or why the arrangement is not beneficial for the children. It is a good idea for you to discuss a new custody situation with your ex-spouse before going to court. This allows you to agree on the aspects that are not currently working and identify an arrangement that could work better. 

Sometimes you might need to modify your custody arrangement for practical reasons. If either you or the children’s other parent is moving to a town several hours away, it may be difficult to continue your current situation. A court usually tries to determine whether you and your ex-spouse have spoken about the ways a move might change your custody arrangement, as well as the impact a custody modification could have on the kids. 

In some situations, a negative factor might be the reason you request a new custody situation. If you think your children are not safe with their other parent, you can usually request a custody modification. In this situation, the court generally tries to determine whether the children are in danger. Additionally, the death of the children’s other parent can also be the reason you need a new custody order. As one parent is no longer able to care for the kids, a new arrangement is typically required.

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