Child support can be an important part of a child’s life. Even if the custodial parent has enough money to support themselves and their children, child support can’t go unpaid. Child support is more than just a small token of support from one parent to a child. It’s there to show that the parent is still invested in the child’s health and happiness and to help the child have as normal a life as possible while growing up.

Child support can help with various things, from buying a child an ice cream cone after a baseball game with friends to paying for a portion of the rent at the custodial parent’s home. There’s no real restriction on what it can be used for, but it should be understood that the money is intended to provide for the child in some way, whether that’s through bettering the living conditions the child is in or by directly paying for food, clothing or other needs.

Child custody is not directly related to support, which is something to keep in mind if you have not received support payments from the other parent. You cannot withhold your child from them as a penalty for failing to pay. If you have a problem with obtaining payments, then you can file a claim through the state and seek help through garnishing the parent’s wages or through other means that could help you get the support your child deserves.

Child support isn’t something that your child should have to go without. It can be a helpful bit of support, no matter how little it is.