Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, which means that your marital assets will be divided equitably, not evenly, in the case that you choose to divorce. If you have put a great deal into your marriage, then this is good for you, because you can get more out of the divorce. However, if you have put effort into your marriage that is not necessarily financially observable, this kind of division could hurt you.

What should you do to get the most out of your equitable distribution divorce?

To start with, list everything that’s a marital asset. Identify funds you have in banks and shared accounts. As a married couple, each of you owns half of every shared account. You may have access to a savings account of $5,000 for instance, and you could reasonably seek $2,500 for yourself regardless of who funded it.

After you identify shared assets, sit down and think about what you need. What would be enough to support you following the divorce? What do you think would be fair? You should write down what you want out of your divorce along with what you have contributed to make your argument for your share of the assets.

Our site has more information on property division cases in Tennessee and what you can expect if you’re going through a divorce. It’s not always easy to know everything you need to do to prepare for a divorce, but with the right legal knowledge and good documentation, you’ll have what you need to negotiate with your spouse and work toward a reasonable solution to your property division needs.