For many Tennessee readers, the thought of divorce can be daunting and overwhelming. The process of ending a marriage and addressing all the things you have to consider as you walk through the divorce process may not appeal to you. Fortunately, a lengthy and complicated divorce process may not be the only option available to you.

By choosing an uncontested divorce, you may avoid some of the complications and stress that come with a traditional divorce. If this sounds like an appealing option for you, it is beneficial to carefully consider the benefits and potential drawbacks of this choice before you move forward with an important decision that will affect your future.

Is there a better way to divorce?

While not workable for everyone, an uncontested divorce does offer many benefits. Some of the main reasons that people consider this choice include the following:

  • It can cost less to complete an uncontested divorce because it often takes less time.
  • There is no need for litigation with this option, and you will likely not have to go to court.
  • This could offer you a way to have more control over the final details of your divorce order.
  • It can be less stressful and can help you have an easier transition into your post-divorce life.

An uncontested divorce generally requires that there be no remaining disputes between you and your spouse. While this does not necessarily mean you have to get along, it does typically require that both parties agree on prearranged terms for issues related to custody, visitation, property division and more before filing.

Uncontested divorce is a popular choice between two parties who are amicable, do not have children or extensive assets to divide, or simply want a way to end their marriage as easily and stress-free as possible.

The need for a legal ally

An uncontested divorce can be an option for a couple that does not want to engage in costly and stressful litigation. However, there is still great benefit in having the guidance of an experienced legal ally. It is always beneficial to make the effort to ensure the full protection of your interests when it comes to important divorce issues.

You can consider this option and how you can pursue a beneficial post-divorce future by seeking a complete evaluation of your case before you proceed. Before you make a significant decision regarding your divorce filing, you will find it prudent to be fully cognizant of the options available to you.