There are few people who need love and care more than children who don’t have families to turn to. Yes, they end up in foster care and are under the protection of the state, but that isn’t always a permanent or a loving situation.

Children in difficult situations need the support of loving, caring individuals. They need forever families and people around them to support them and provide the balance they need in their lives. That’s why adoption and foster care are so important in Tennessee. To help these children, one popular singer has stepped in.

If you are a fan of Chris Tomlin, you may be happy to hear that he has been promoting both adoption and foster care during his latest tour. The Christian music performer, who is currently on the “Worship Night in America” tour, spoke on behalf of children in foster care and others who are looking for their permanent families.

Just in Shelby County, there are over 900 children who are in need of adoption or foster care. For larger sibling sets and teens, finding families to take them in isn’t always easy. This has caused a crisis across the state.

America’s Kids Belong, a non-profit raising awareness about foster care, now works with Tomlin, who wanted to promote their cause and help children find the families they deserve. Tomlin has first-hand experience with foster care. His brothers both became foster parents recently. He believes that everyone, even if they don’t adopt or foster, can help with this crisis.

If you’re interested in adopting a child, an experienced Tennessee attorney can provide information and assistance.

Source: WMC Action News 5, “Chris Tomlin promotes foster care, adoption during tour,” April 27, 2018