Let’s face it. While many people may be selective when it comes to what they post on social media, others have very few filters. For those in relationships where you and your spouse are truly each other’s yin and yang, what your wife sees as being fit to to post on social media may be far from what you want the whole world to see.

This is one of the more contemporary dilemmas that has lead an increasing number of couples to seek out social media prenups as a way to better control the image of them that is conveyed to others.

Over the past few years, the use of social media accounts has become a popular topic of contention as couples attempt to work out divorce settlements. In fact, data compiled by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggests that at least 81 percent of all family lawyers have seen the issue brought up in divorce negotiations in recent years.

In some instances, social media has proven to be a treasure trove of incriminating evidence of adultery. However, in others, divorcing couples simply worry what’s going to be said about them online in the public forum as their marriage goes bad.

In terms of those individuals that have recently begun seeking out these social media prenuptial agreements, they’re not just your rich celebrities, but instead average folk as well. Some businessmen don’t want there to be a chance for a competitor to gain an advantage on them because their wife thought it was okay to share that they closed a big deal with one company or another.

Other young professionals don’t want to taint either their current or prospective employer’s perceptions of them. This can easily happen if a husband or wife decides to post a picture of their significant other in a swimsuit, enjoying leisure time on what was supposed to have been a sick day, or even drinking at a local bar.

Like any other prenup, a social media one can result in the imposition of monetary penalties if the terms of the agreement are violated. If you’re considering demanding a prenup of your soon-to-be spouse, then a Knoxville, Tennessee, divorce attorney can aid you in doing that.

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