Military service members and their families face a host of challenges when it comes to family law issues. Due to the unique nature of this type of job, divorce, child custody and even dividing retirement savings can be a complex and often overwhelming process. There are many unique factors that come into play during a military divorce, but you do not have to face these matters alone.

It takes someone experienced both in military law and Tennessee family law to effectively navigate a divorce involving one or more active duty or retired service members. If you are facing the end of your marriage and want to know how to protect your financial interests and the best interests of your children, you will find it beneficial to seek the assistance of an attorney with specific experience in military divorce.

The questions you must answer

In any military divorce, the two most complicated factors facing the two parties involve children and money. Whether parents are unable to work together to resolve these matters and reach a settlement agreement or they are able to settle without litigation, they must answer the following questions:

  • Where will the children live when one parent is gone during deployment?
  • Who will pay child support?
  • Will the non-military spouse have a claim to military pension benefits?
  • Is one parent unable to attend the court date due to deployment?
  • Is the non-military spouse entitled to spousal support?
  • What if both parents face deployment at the same time?
  • Is one parent currently deployed and will be for an extended time?
  • What are the rights of the non-military spouse?

Whether the couple is amicable and willing to cooperate on various legal issues or cannot even be in the same room together to negotiate, these divorces can be complicated for both the military spouse and the civilian spouse.

Protecting your right to a strong future

Your divorce does not signal the end of your life. You can have a strong post-divorce future, but you will find it useful to work with an attorney who can help you keep your eyes on what is ahead, not temporary emotions and current struggles. When your career or your spouse’s career in any branch of the military will affect your divorce order, you need a strong legal ally.

Whether you are at home or abroad, it is wise to know your options and be fully familiar with your rights before you move forward with your decision to divorce. By seeking a case evaluation with an attorney, you can move through your military divorce with confidence in a stable future.