Thanks to a recent decision by the Tennessee Supreme Court, divorced parents may find it easier to move out of state with a child (or children), even if the other parent objects to the move.

This decision applies to situations in which one parent has been granted more time with the child than the other.

A recent case involving divorced parents brought this issue to light. In this case, the mother opposed the father’s move to another state with their daughter. However, the court noted that the mother did not meet the standard of proof required by the law.

After their divorce in 2010, the father spent more time taking care of the couple’s young daughter. Along with this, the mother provided the father with money to support their daughter.

Two years later, the father notified the mother of his plans to move to Arizona to accept new employment. However, the mother objected the move.

This resulted in the father filing a petition with the court and eventually moving. From there, the court denied the father’s request to move. Along with this, the court named the mother the child’s primary residential parent. This resulted in an appeal by the father.

The Court of Appeals also agreed that the father had to prove that the move was for a reasonable purpose. He then appealed to the Tennessee Supreme Court, which reversed the decision.

With this decision made by the Tennessee Supreme Court, divorced parents may find it easier to relocate with a child in the future. This is never a simple decision, but it’s one that many parents need to make.

Source:, “TN Supreme Court decision could make it easier for divorced parents to relocate,” March 17, 2017