The Tennessee Supreme Court has made the big decision to adopt new forms and instructions to be used in the event of uncontested divorces involving individuals with minor children.

Through the implementation of these plain-language forms, the court hopes that divorce proceedings for these individuals will be simplified. The new forms went into effect on the first day of 2017.

The forms are designed for use among spouses who meet the following requirements:

— Agree on every aspect of their divorce, including details associated with child support.

— Have minor children.

— Do not own any real estate, such as a home or land.

— Do not have retirement accounts.

The chairperson for the Self-Represented Litigants Advisory Committee added the following: “The Commission deeply appreciates the many hours spent by dedicated volunteers on this project over the past three years. These forms and instructions are the result of the extraordinary focus and expertise of our community partners.”

Despite the fact that these forms will greatly change the divorce process for many, the Tennessee Supreme Court believes that it will be for the better for all parties involved.

Regardless of your situation, if you’re faced with divorce you need to understand your legal rights. Along with this, it makes sense to have a firm grasp as to how the process will unwind.

With laws changing regularly, you need to stay informed as to the steps you can take to move through the divorce process in an efficient manner. The more you understand, the more help you receive and the better off you will be.

Source: The Chattanoogan, “Tennessee Supreme Court Adopts Forms For Uncontested Divorce For Parties With Minor Children,” Dec. 30, 2016