4 ways to emotionally and mentally survive your divorce

It is important for people to take steps that keep them emotionally and mentally healthy while going through a divorce.

Just about everyone in Knoxville knows someone who has been through a divorce, but the commonality of the event does not make it any easier to deal with. When people marry, they build an emotional and mental connection with the other person and often their families and friends and when that marriage ends, those connections are suddenly gone. They may not see their children as often and may suffer from unfair accusations as part of the divorce process. This can thrust people into mental health and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and grief. However, there are four things people can and should do to maintain their emotional and mental health.

1. Stay connected

It is not uncommon for people to stay in their bedrooms and want to essentially withdraw from the world around them. However, U.S. News & World Report states that people should find people to stay connected with. This may involve finding new friends or seeking out people who do not have any connection to the situation or the other spouse. There are often groups specially created for people who are going through a divorce, which allows members to express their feelings. If that doesn’t seem appealing, people can also seek out social contact through a community class, going out to dinner with family members or even church.

2. Eat good food

Junk food like candy, fast food, chips and other snacks are often the first thing that people turn to when going through a divorce. Even movies often show people digging into ice cream when they have lost a relationship. However, the food that people put into their bodies can have a big effect on their emotional and mental state.

The first thing that people should do after a breakup is clean out their fridge and cabinets, eliminating any and all snacks and junk food. This will protect them against temptation. Then, they should plan out their meals carefully, making sure that they incorporate vegetables, fruits, grains and protein sources.

3. Exercise regularly

According to the American Psychological Association, exercising has a large impact on people’s moods and emotional health. Studies have shown that engaging in some form of physical activity can actually decrease people’s risks of developing anxiety and depression. While yoga can be calming, more robust activities like walking, aerobics and swimming appear to be more effective in helping people develop a better mood and stay psychologically healthy.

4. Take up a new hobby

Learning something new will not only help people take their mind off of what is going on in their personal life, but it will give them a new outlook on life. Maybe someone always wanted to learn how to make jewelry or speak a foreign language. By taking up a new hobby, people can meet new people, be inspired to create new goals and find a new direction for their future.

Going through a divorce can be difficult but there are ways that people can turn it into a new beginning. Therefore, they may find it helpful to talk with a family law attorney who can help them explore their options.