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How do you divide property in an equitable distribution state?

Property division cases can sometimes be complicated and frustrating, but it pays to be professional and to focus on your needs instead of just your wants. When you have to decide on how to divide your property, the first thing you should consider is what you actually need along with what you can afford. For example, if you want to obtain the family home, you should first consider if you can afford to maintain it and the mortgage on your own. If so, how will that impact your other finances, and what would you be willing to "give up" in exchange for such a large asset?

Getting your share: Equitable distribution and your divorce

Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, which means that your marital assets will be divided equitably, not evenly, in the case that you choose to divorce. If you have put a great deal into your marriage, then this is good for you, because you can get more out of the divorce. However, if you have put effort into your marriage that is not necessarily financially observable, this kind of division could hurt you.

A quiet-title action helps you sell a home without your spouse

If you own a home with your spouse but he or she "disappears" following problems in a relationship, you may find it's difficult to sell your home. The problem is that you'll need his or her permission if you co-own the property, which is nearly impossible to get if you don't know where he or she is.

Balancing finances is good for both parties in divorce

There is no worse fear than believing that you'll be left with nothing following your divorce and have to start over from scratch. The thought of losing your home, your assets and your financial stability is horrifying, but it's something that people deal with every day.

Divorce and your financial assets: Know your situation

When you decide that divorce is the best way to end your marriage, it's time to turn your attention to matters of property division. Along with this, you need to make a list of your financial assets, as these are sure to come into play during the divorce process.

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