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Parker and LaDuke provide 49 years of combined legal experience in family law and personal injury matters. To schedule your consultation regarding any of the following, call us at 865-694-4685 or toll free at 888-329-7912 or contact us online. We offer free consultations for personal injury matters and a reasonable $50.00 consultation fee (applied towards bill if our firm is hired) for family law matters. Our office hours are Monday — Friday from 9 a.m. — 5 p.m., with evening appointments available. Don't get in trouble because you waited to long to contact an attorney!

Tennessee Family Law Attorneys

Our family law practice is focused on providing clear and accurate answers to your legal questions.

Divorce: We provide experienced guidance to people who are seeking separation and divorce. We handle no-fault and fault divorces, striving for the best possible solutions regarding child custody, child support, property division and spousal support.

Stepparent and relative adoptions: Our firm helps new families come together through stepparent and relative adoptions.

Child custody: We urge parents to focus on what is best for the child. We also recognize the importance of parenting time for both parents.

Child support: Our lawyers can help you understand current changes to Tennessee's child support laws and how these changes may benefit you and your children.

Modifications: The need for a change to a child support or child custody order generally arises because of a significant change in circumstances.

Personal Injury Lawyers In Knoxville

Our personal injury practice is focused on protecting your rights when you have been injured by the negligence of another person. We handle all interactions and communications with the insurance companies. We are willing and prepared to proceed to trial when insurance companies fail to adequately compensate our clients.

Auto accidents: Have you been injured by the negligence or wrongdoing of another motorist in an auto wreck? Parker and LaDuke has the resources and the experience to provide your claim the attention it deserves. We can begin gathering evidence immediately to support the successful resolution of your claim and obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

Trucking accidents: We launch a detailed investigation of the truck accident to determine the cause of the accident and identify the responsible party. Our firm is dedicated to holding negligent truckers and trucking companies accountable.

Wrongful death: A Knox County wrongful death lawyer at our law firm can provide compassionate and vigorous legal help to people who have lost spouses, children and parents due to the negligence of other people and companies.

Knowledgeable East Tennessee Lawyers

We also are able to handle cases and provide information to our clients in a variety of other areas, including:

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